Landing in August has one big advantage - the best weather.

However, it has several drawbacks, which you should be aware about.

  1. Tourist season - you will be paying tourist rates for the hotel and any other thing that is used by tourists.
  2. International students - many students are landing in August, before school starts. This can mean an 3-4 hours long line for immigration at the airport. Not a thing you want after a long flight.
  3. Longer lines at government offices - same as section 2.
  4. Longer waiting lists - driving test, family doctor, anything
  5. Harder to find a job - most openings are done in the beginning of the year and in October for financial reasons.
  6. Your friends are busy having fun - most of the people are trying to spend as much time as they can outside camping, fishing and touring. So they have many better things to do that spend time helping you settle in.
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