First - make a list.

Second - think about this.

You will be spending a lot of money. So why not get some of it back?

If time permits - see your banker first, make a visa card that is suitable for you and use that cashback as much as you can.

Third - AirMiles, get a membership, you can collect some miles during the initial big spend.

Where to buy things cheap, and in which order

First - Dollarama. Flatware, cookware, carpets, dishes, food storage, whatever.

Buy there as much as possible. It's the cheapest place. A 2$ spatula will cost you around 7$ at Wallmart.


Appliances and food - go to Costco, make a membership(if you have friends that are already members ask for help, you get a 20$ coupon if coming through a friend). And buy all the food, clothes and appliances there. And anything that can be bought in bulk too. You will be spending a lot - so an executive membership with cashback can be beneficial.

ThirdFurniture - if you go for the cheap and unsophisticated(like any new immigrant should :-). There are 2 places Cheapest, has price match and fast delivery Also cheap, but a larger selection

Everything else - Wallmart and Wallmart online and Amazon

Tools and such - Canadian Tire

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