The rule of thumb is to spend around 10000$ on your first car. If you want an SUV it will set you back 20000+$.

There are a lot of good used cars on sale.

Couple of things to know - you have slim to none chance to lease a car or get a loan until you find a job.

Many insurance companies will not ensure you until you have a NS license.

The ones that do are



Beware - the prices of auto insurance are steep, especially for newcomers and new drivers. They can reach 3000$ annually with ease.

The process of buying a car is

1) You go to Access NS with the seller and register the car in your name - you get an ownership certificate. Once you have a car in your name you can make your license plate

2) You ask to make a license plate(they are made for a person, not a vehicle) and put it on the car.

3) You insure the car with one of the insurance companies

4) Make sure you know the Canadian rules of the road!!!

Failure to do so may cost you dearly.

Ask a friend, to drive with you for a couple of hours. Or pay a professional driver instructor for a lesson.

5) Enjoy your new car.

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